Monday 4 April 2016



It has been a long time since I read anything that Grahame Greene wrote.

About forty years.

I’ve missed him.

That changed today.

I picked up a yellowed and faded copy of his Quiet American, and read the first page and a half as I sat in the car waiting for the need to start the engine, and drive home, overwhelm me.

I found the book in the ‘free swap book cupboard’ that is fixed to the wall next to the estate agents on the street next to where the local Sunday market runs. I didn’t put anything in, but I am in credit.

Next week I’ll add at least one book and one CD.

I’m a bit disappointed with the CD.

I bought it last week in the city as I was returning from the mountains; it was cheep and the artist I respect but … well, I was disappointed.

However, I wasn’t disappointed in the market.

I bought a ton of spinach, and it looks like it had come directly from the fields; it was still covered in dew.

I’m going to try and live on it all week.

I also got some bread, some tea and an engraved glass for a candle.

I hesitated over the bigger, and more expensive, half cut out butterfly metal one – I was unsure that the shadows cast would be more than blobs and the shop keeper was unable to say otherwise.

The glass one has trees....

Gary was back.

He’s been in Australia for the winter, or the summer depending on your perspective. Or then again mine, or his.

The fact that he’s back means that it’s not any more, there, but will be, here.

Look, it’s spring, not autumn.


He looked a little alone, so I stepped in and said hello.

I’m not sure I was needed.

So I said goodbye too.

The guy who helps his wife sell sushi was in the shop next door to Gary’s gallery.

He was delivering sushi.

We met again at the coffee stand where we each had a glass.

Aynoa was there, which surprised me as I thought she was in Manchester.

She has a scar on her forehead where her third eye is.

Or would be, depending on your perspective.

Aynoa asked Seb why the coffee had a creamy froth.

Seb, who sells the coffee explained how this was a good thing.

Incidentally Theo and Laura walked past about then. They were drinking Brazil Juice from a can. I asked them what it was and they said it was Brazil Juice.

I asked if they had ever been to Brazil and they told me they had, last year.

Two months in Bahia.

Aynoa gave me a link to a video on Youtube.

It’s a film that Ayona made.

My daughters in it.

It’s been a long time since I saw my daughter.

I’ve missed her too.


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