Thursday, 14 April 2016


He was 9.
She was 15.

He was in love; she didn’t even know his name.

He knew hers.

He said it out loud just to hear it when no one was around.

She didn’t care.

He watched her on the television, she was singing and dancing.

He liked the way she danced.

He liked the way she sang.

He liked her two-piece skirt suit, though he didn’t know that that was what it was.

Powder green, big round buttons.

It wasn’t hers; it belonged to wardrobe.

A few years later she got married, it was in all the newspapers.

His heart was broken.

She didn’t even know he existed.

She was 21.

He was 15.



Mary said...

Lulu - a classic.

Here's something to SHOUT and think about. Today my parents celebrate their .....

66th wedding anniversary!!!!!!

Still together living in their own home.

My father has lost half of his mind [he's 92] and my mother has lost half of her mobility [she's 86].

Together - 1/2 a person each - they make 1 person total.

Here's to life,

and every joy it brings,

to dreamers and their dreams.

Here's to life, to love,

to them.


popps said...

Hi Mary, they don't know me but CONGRATULATIONS!!
and i bet your dad has only lost the half he doesn't need and your mum is already where she wants to be so doesn't need to go anywhere else. :-)

Mary said...

Thanks Chris. Much appreciated. As adult children we often feel helpless to help them. It's such a happy thing, and yet, many tears are shed as we reach these milestones.