Wednesday 30 March 2016

The Backward Chronicle 6.

had to be there 

Let’s go backwards (wouldn’t it be great?).


Stumbled to the toilet.

Struggled out of bed.

Stroked the cat by my feet.

Got woken up by the down stair neighbour shouting at someone. No one shouted back so I guess he was shouting at the world.

There was a dream – my nephew had a duffle coat on backwards, so the hood covered his face not the back of his neck. He had a cold. We were by the sea.

I can’t remember more.

I dozed.

An alarm woke me, not mine.

There was a dream – a show. A magic trick to prepare, three lemons, and a climb on rope ladder to a point high in the roof.

I can’t remember more.


Heard ‘hope the bed bugs don’t bite’

Said ‘good night sleep tight’

Sat in the kitchen, final e-mails, final sharing, drank tea, spoke about David.

Sat in a car.

Sat on a Tube train.

Walked along Oxford Street.

Looked through the window of the Fish and chip shop café admiring the tiled tables.

Stood in the park sharing stories about lights.

Walked along Oxford street.

Took photos of a suspended floating amoeba of nets capturing projected light.

There may have been music.

Stood with a crowd on Regent Street watching a time-triggered sequence of neon acrobatic figures.

That probably needs an explanation, maybe a photo will do.

Walked along Regent Street.

Filmed a hologram of a giant elephant.

Admired Elephant’s bum.

Stood at Piccadilly Circus watching giant luminous fish kites drifting and floating in the wind.

There was music.

Left the Spanish restaurant.

Washed hands and peed. (this IS backwards).

Finished the bottle of Rioja Wine.


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