Monday 15 February 2016

The Golem - tales from a distant archive backlog.

They are hiding in the forest, but someone has set light to the forest trying to flush them out.

The roaring flames wake them, and they know that they can not run, as death awaits them.

And death will find them if they stay.


There is a small dip in the forest floor big enough for them to lie there.

They strip until they are naked and cover them selves in thick wet mud from the side of the stream until they are naked no more, and lie together in the dip covered with more wet mud.

They can hardly breath and the flames surge nearer.

They are engulfed.

And they are spared.

But they are transformed.

When the hunters come, days later searching for their remains they rise, as one, from the swamp and ashes.

“It’s the Golem” the Hunters cry and run, fearful for their own lives.

The Golem becomes the legend that everyone fears and so it can go anywhere.

It finds an old boat in the harbour where no one goes, and this becomes the Golem’s home.

People only visit when they need something.

And people ALWAYS need something.


So they come, and they beg and The Golem extracts a price.

One day, the Devil knocks….

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