Friday, 26 February 2016

Bob's NOT Your uncle

an interluder

Drrring, Drrrinnng

Hello, Bitsnbobs – the Blog that answers. How can we/i/it help?

Hi Bob, how’s tricks?

Sweet: and you?

Don’t ask; let’s pass… what’s up?

I was worried about the Backlog.

Not your worry anymore mate, it’s all here in The Boxes.

Good, I was concerned it had gone astray.

How come?

I haven’t seen any published the last couple of days.

No, we was busy.

Was? Don’t you mean were?


And there was no interlude.

No, we was interluding the interlude.

Can you do that?

We/i/it can do what it/i/we damm well please, it’s in the/our/my constitution.

Oh ok, I was just worried.

No need, all under control, the backlog will be back. And…


And it will be log!

Cool, be in touch, Bye.

Bye, say hello to Ms Penny and The Twins.



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