Friday, 22 January 2016

Bye - Another Interlude in The Archival Backlog.

the heart that wins

They are all so final aren’t they? Funerals.

Not at all!

Along with weddings, it’s when we come together.

When else? The Dr Who Christmas Special?


I wore my black jacket; everyone wore black. People look good in black, even when they’re crying.

I haven’t worn my black jacket since… well……not this year anyway.

And in the pocket?

I found my spare set of car keys! I thought I had lost them!

You see! Death brings us together.

Me and my keys (my keys and i), Rachel and Philippe…. Ok, they sat on different sides of the church and avoided eye contact but you know what I mean. They breathed the same air, smelt the same incense.

I wanted to cough, but it made Krista sneeze!

But she IS pregnant.

Janene was there! I haven’t seen her since…. Jesus! (he was there, looking ill). It’s been years! She is only the second black woman I’ve ever kissed!

I should get out more.

Lisa looked fabulous!

I met her husband – he’s called Chris, like me.

Good name.

Her son’s a good looker; he’ll break some hearts.

That’s what my aunt would say.

But she wasn’t there ‘cos we had HER funeral last week.

IT brought people together too!

My daughter met her uncle for the first time!

She found out that she has an uncle with more tattoos than her!

An uncle with not much room left to tattoo!


What is it with priests?

They are so morbid.

Why do they keep going on about death?

Let’s celebrate life!
(names have been changed)

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