Tuesday 1 December 2015

The BsnBs Christmas Musical Advent Calendar Thingy 2015 (One)

How exactly do you go about starting a Bitnbobs Christmas Musical advent Calendar thingy?

That’s a good question.

I thought I’d ask.

Timely too.

So, how?

Well it starts a year before.

A year?

At least – this post was written on 21st December 2014.

That’s not, strictly speaking, a year.

But it WAS the first day of LAST winter.


So then we have to go back into the past to an earlier Bitnbobs Christmas Musical advent Calendar thingy?

ThingiesThere was more than one?

There was, or perhaps we should say were.

How many?

Three. (editorial note t) This is the fourth. So we can’t have any repeats.


But everything has to be good, not just a Christmas song but also a Christmas song you would like to hear again.

Ok, so a bit of research?

Or luck.


Ah, then it gets real hard – it’s all a matter of theme.


Well, how many of our readers really feel Christmassy on the first of December?

How many readers do you think there are?

I’ve counted one. But i
t doesn’t matter – you know what we say
here don’t you?

Well quite a lot by the look of this post, but no, pray tell.

Every great work of art is done with an audience of one in mind.

That sounds like a quote.

It is.

From whom?


Whom, I like the sound.

I can’t remember their name right now, I’ll see if I can find it before the New Year.

Ok, so…. This theme?

Well, I’ve always tried to slip into the thingy slowly. Maybe a bit of winter, or something with cold in it. Then gradually getting colder before the snow starts appearing and then Christmas somewhere after the middle of the month.

So you’re not one for Christmas Lights in November?

God forbid. Good to mention him/her early though, get it done with quickly. It’s a part of the whole thing.

Ok, so why are we starting this year with this?

It’s got the world cold in it, right there at the beginning, and then we’ll see how we can develop it from there.


Exactly, as winter should be!

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