Thursday 20 August 2015

Enter Maggie McNally, stage left.

are you Pidge?

Hey, have you got a pen?


I need you to make a note of something.

I’ve got a lot of pens (editorial note t), just none to hand right now and anyway, my pyjamas are on inside out.

Is that relevant?

Relevant?! I think it’s why my dreams were so weird last night.

What’s this got to do with me needing a pen?

You talk, I talk – that’s how ‘this’(editorial note t) works.

Hang on, how are you doing this if you don’t have a pen?

I might have a pencil.

Have you?


Here ?



I’m using my lap top.

So could you note this down before I forget? Two names- Razzi Tuffano and Pidge Boffer.


Thank you. Hang on .. there are two more……. I turned the page – Raymond Scallione and Joe Bacuzzi.

Pidge Boffer’s the one surely.

Him or Razzi.

Do you think Razzi Tuffano and Raymond Scallione know each other?

There was a right spaghetti of a chance back in the Fifties that they did; they are standing next to each other in this photo.

Ah, the Fifties, a golden age.

When spaghetti was spaghetti.

And Maggie McNally was Maggie McNally. (Editorial note F)

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