Friday 3 July 2015

Shadow Publishing

barbican shadow


So what?

Did you find it?



Yes, and maybe no.

Where was it?

Well, I thought it was here (editorial note t)  - maybe on the reverse side, but in fact it was with the original of that in the book where I keep those sort of originals.

Not on the blog then?

Not exactly, but in the archives. (editorial note t).

I thought the archives were behind a waterfall in Scotland. (editorial note t)

Well some are, some are now floating in the submerged caves (editorial note t)

So you went to Scotland?


You went diving?


I don’t get it.

There’s a bit of the archives on the bookshelves here in the editorial office, in between my copies of Forever Young and King Kong.

That’s not published though is it?

The original document that WAS published is in there and this document was next to it so it was shadow- published.


It’s a new technique that the blog is working on.


Yes there was an early experiment that you can explore here. (editorial note t).

I give up.

Good. What about today?


What’s that?

A Shadow-word.

Now you’re just taking the piss, it doesn’t even begin with H and we’re up to H.

H is in the shadow.

'ere you are then (editorial note t)

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