Friday 24 July 2015

A Soggy Jubbly.

non-soggy roundabout

Do you remember when ring pull cans had rings that you pulled and they came off?

I do, you could wear them like a ring.

Can’t do that today.

I guess it was seen as an environmental improvement, but it was a severe stab in the back for aluminium ring-pull ring wearers.

I think they always had constituted a disappearing breed even without the environmental step.

I s’pose.

Anyway; cutting to the chase as I think we should, can you remember what there was before?

Before the detachable ring-pull ring?


There were those bottles with the screw in stopper, ‘member them?


Might have been Whites.

The bottle was brown.

Might not have been Lemonade.

It was a long time ago that’s for sure ……… wasn’t there anything in-between the stopper and the ring-pull ring?

A twist cap?

Not sure, that might have been after. I never could twist them anyway; I thought they were useless., whereas it was in fact me.

I still can’t, I had to hand my beer to Jimmy who is really Bart only 24 hours ago.

Did we drink anything before the ring-pull ring?

Unfrozen ice-pops.

What was the point of that? Surely they were better frozen?

MilkyWay chocolate bars were, we used to ask the corner shop to put them in the freezer  on the way to school in the morning so that we could buy them frozen on the way home in the afternoon.

That’s it! I remember!! Jumblies!! Jooblies! Something like that… in the triangular carton where you had to rip the corner off and it went all soggy as you sucked!

Those were the days.

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