Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Subconscious Interference.


Dragons……Fireflies, hmm a bit similar perhaps.....

Are you listing again?


Ok, you need to explain the whole thing.

Ok, a while back, a long while back, I wrote a post that questioned whether people in TV series ever go to the toilet. 

I remember that one! You used it as a way to look back over the blog to see if people did everyday things or not. (editorial note t)

Exactly. Well, I thought maybe I could update the post.

How would that work?

Well  - get a list of stuff and see if the blog had a post that talked about that stuff.


So I decided to do an alphabet of stuff, starting at A.

Nice idea, but you can’t DO the list; it has to be a disinterested outsider.


Your subconscious will interfere.


I’ll do it.


Yes, I’m an outsider. And I’m disinterested. Ants.



You’re starting with Ants? Ants were on my list already, the first thing.

I wanted to surprise you, catch you unawares.

You’re weird.

Takes one to know one.

Anyways….. Ants figure – they made an early appearance - here. (editorial note t)


London Joe said...

'ard varks to zulu-todaloos

popps said...

Might have to use that one - zulu-todaloos. Thnx