Friday, 22 May 2015

South of the Border, (north) West of the Sun.

oh dear

Did you finish your book?

Yes! Again yes!

Ah, by your tone I hear that you enjoyed it somewhat.

Somewhat I did! The best of the four books by this author that I have read so far.

I assume therefore that you like this author somewhat if you have read three books.

You assume more or less correctly though the last one I read left me underwhelmed .

Who is this author with the power to underwhelm you and not?

Mr Murakami. (editorial note t)

And this most recent tale, to what does it pertain?

Love, and loss.




Would you have a quote for us?

I would.

Quote forth.

“Before long, all the sounds around me – the clamour of the people at the bar, the piano trio’s music – all faded into the distance, as if the tide had gone out. Only she and I remained.”

I wonder what that looks like in Japanese.

Probably beautiful.

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