Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Tomorrow's Pony.

nice barnet

The horse before the cart.

I’m sorry?

Oh, nothing, I was just thinking and I must have voiced the thought.

So, why horse and carts? Thinking of coming to the sea with me?

You’re going by horse and cart?

It’s the best way to travel.


No, I’m going in the car, got a bed in the back… I want the waves to enter my dreams.

Could wash you away.

Dreams will do that; it’s a pleasant way to go.

As long as it’s not the night’s wild mares… no, in fact I was thinking about these posts.


We always write them then look for a picture, right?


What if we did the opposite?

It would be radical.

An innovation.

It's what it's all about, editorial note Ts and Xs here, blue borders there, caption on every photo there and carts and horses there - shall we give it a go?


Have to be tomorrow though, ‘cos we’ve started with the words today.

Carts and horses tomorrow then.

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