Sunday, 15 February 2015

An other Sunday.

an other detail

I had a pretty good day today.

Tell me about it.

I woke up a bit late, no alarm bell calling me  - just a cat complaining that I hadn’t fed her.


Got up, made a pot of tea and took the cat and the t-pot back to bed, lay there all cosy together and wrote a letter to my daughter.

People don’t write letters anymore.

We do. And I listened to the radiogram.

The radiogram? Not an i-phone.



Got up, did some stretching and drove down to the market then went for a run along the river.

How far?


Not bad – how was the river?

Wild, it’s been raining heavy of late.


I went to the bins to throw away some rubbish.

This isn’t making riveting reading so far you know.

I found something!

What did you find?

All these old documents - from the end of the fifties and the start of the sixties.

A golden age!

One of many!

Show me one.  

Here you go. I was there for hours!

Show me another!

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