Friday, 9 January 2015

The troubled waters

oil over?

So.... hang on; are we actually going to do ‘this’? (editorial note)


A whole year of you say this and I say that.

Well we might have to enrich the vocabulary here and there, but why not?

Well, do you think we can?

I don’t know but I’ve written everything down we have said so far and I reckon the first nine days or so are handled.

That leaves about 356; it’s going to be tough.

I like risks.

Show me what you’ve got so far.

Well it starts with you saying – “Did you miss me?”

And you said, “ wow, hello to you” and that you did.

Well actually I said  “I did, I don’t know if anybody else did though – no one said.” But I know what you mean.


Well, in fact that was all I wrote down.

That’s it?

That’s it. But I read it again on January first and I started adding this bit.

This bit?

Yeah, back there when you said then?

So this is live?

Well, it WAS live at 23.05 on Thursday Ist Jan, but then I think I went off to watch Match of The Day.

You watch Match of the Day?

Sometimes, it’s a classic, a design classic if nothing else.

A design classic?


Many would debate that.

I bet they don’t.

What do you mean?

Look below in the comments!

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