Monday 12 January 2015

The Old Beginnings

an abbey road moment

So, it’s already yesterday’s tomorrow, today in some parlance, tomorrow’s yesterday if you prefer but anywhichway it’s time for The Old Beginnings.

It is, we promised.

That we did, and a promise given is a promise made – what have we got?

Well, first off, The Wet Beginning – with this (editorial note).

Nice, I like the editorial note. We’ll talk editorial notes tomorrow won’t we.

We well might.

Ok, what else?

We have The Beginning of the Beginning. (editorial note)

There is no finer beginning in my opinion. What next/last?

The Beginning of Something without an End.

The Endless Beginning no less.

Not yet, and here’s the editorial note. (editorial note)

So useful you named it twice.

WE did.

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