Thursday, 25 December 2014

Twenty fourth, though it appeared prior, question in the 2014 Quiz of The Year.

twenty fourth christmas tree - detail, twenty third.

Happy Christmas.

Hope it’s going well.

Have you got a Christmas tree?

What’s on the top?

Two questions, but none of them feature in the Bitsnbobs Quiz of the Year.

Ooooooh, it’s a toughie this here quiz, but there’s loads of clues and help and hints and pointers scattered through the month.

And the Grand Prize IS really cool, honest to bits. You will SERIOUSLR regret not having won it if you don’t.

And watch out ‘cos Mary is suddenly going to finish her unpacking – she’s chosen Christmas to move into a new house – and then she’s going to sit down for a post Christmas unwrapping quiz time and answer a whole swathe of the questions so far and get double points for being the first.

Then Saff will pop in and say – oh, there’s a quiz – great, open a bottle of wine, sit down and get all the answers right that Mary got wrong.

This is how the Quiz of the Year here at Bitsnbobs usually plays out.

So ready?

Time to get answering?

You should have realised by now that the questions having been bunching  - three, then two, three, then two etc etc etc  and tht each bunch goes with a month – jan, then feb etc etc (standard month thing).

So we just had a bunch of three.

So now?

No, that’s not the question.

Trouble is, if you know where we are and you look at the month our next bunch concerns you’ll see that that month was also full of questions that no-one answered so a couple of questions about a load of questions that no one answered should lead to absolutely no answers to any questions anywhere.

24) What is the longest month of the year?


Mary said...



PS - I truly am not good at quizzes!

Mary said...

I mean September. Not only am I not good at quizzes, I have now started the year with some confused spelling.


popps said...

i see!!!!