Saturday, 20 December 2014

The nineteenth, and first of two, very easy question(s) in the 2014 Quiz of The Year.

nineteenth christmas tree, the exception that proves the rule.

I bet there’s a few people scratching their heads about the last three questions in the undeniably on-going Quiz of The Year 2014.

I bet there’s at least one of them who is questioning the grammatical accuracy of that ‘there’s’ in the previous sentence too.

But you know what?

What’s the point of grammar if you can’t scramble it and what’s the point of a Quiz Of The Year if you don’t have a few questions that give you something to make you scratch your head?

Or which become very easy if someone tells you that the last three questions all relate directly to the news items referred to (and photographed in) the July posts of this blog but which were originally published in at least one other Newspaper – probably The Guardian.

Incidentally - I wonder if anyone has noticed the surreal way in which some of the rants and rambles that preface the questions in the Quiz turn out to have some weird link to the question that follows.

Only yesterday there was an existentialist angst and the question ended up neatly segueing in.

The word segue has appeared several times on this blog before – for example here.

Existentialist only once, here.

I know that because I just put it in the ‘search this blog’ tool  - which is up in the top left AND midway in the left hand margin (I point this out because one person told me they couldn’t’, no hang on… no, they said -"it isn't there") – and this ‘search the blog tool’ is a handy way to find the answers to some of the 2014 Quiz of The year questions.

Like the next two.


19) What is Henry carrying?

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