Wednesday 10 December 2014

Ninth question in the 2014 quiz of the year.

ninth christmas tree, lumps of wood, birch maybe.

So there I was, wandering around looking for a christmasy tree to photograph for this blog when the guy who runs the launderette on the corner popped his head out and asked –“Hey, do you want to learn how to make mayonnaise?”

It might seem like a strange question for a guy in a launderette to pop but as it turned out I DID want to learn how to make the stuff so I went in and soon I had a fork in one hand a bowl in another and he was pouring oil over me in alarming quantities.

Once we had cleared up the mess he poured a glass of wine and said – “Cheers”.

“Cheers” I replied.

Then he looked at me and said – ‘You know, this Quiz of the Year is fiendishly difficult’.

‘Is it?’ I tried to sound as incredulous as a mouthful of mayonnaise would allow. ‘ I thought it was easy’.

‘That’s ‘cos you know it” he burped back.

God this mayonnaise was good.

“How much garlic did you put in” I asked, my lip was burning and I needed water.

“Just one”, he replied.

When they let me out of hospital I went home and as I drove along the empty roads, everyone was fast asleep, I thought about what he had said.

Surely the quiz is easy I mused.

Maybe not I mused back.

Maybe an example would help, I mused again.

Hey – this is a-musing, I laughed, then decided an example would help.

Ok – question  six 

6) What comes next in this sequence?
an airplane, a football pitch, 2 people holding hands  .................

Hmm, what else ?

like the March segment of the Quiz of The Year which is the almost invisible picture question section.

Ah, yes – questions one, two and three were all about the January posts, four and five were about February and six seven and eight were about March – that much was explained in the overview of theQuiz of The Year. But this says that it’s an  ‘almost invisible picture question section’ – that must mean that the answer to the three March questions are in the pictures, but maybe not immediately spottable.

Ok, easy, isolate the March posts – using the past posts drop down menu over there in the left hand margin – then look at the pictures and enlarge them if necessary by clicking on them.

Irises…. Daisies and cowslips…. Man in sofa….. Hmmmmm, letters? Let’s enlarge that….. hmm, nothing obvious…. OOOOOOH! What’s this? A list! Let’s enlarge that!

Ok, what are the other two March ‘complete this sequence hidden in the pictures questions’?

Because right now we move into April.

And we only need two questions.

Dreams and mathematics.

Dreams first.

(Even if it looks like mathematics).

9) How many angels, how many christmasses?

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