Thursday, 21 August 2014

17th paving stone of the road trip of the year.

She lives in France, speaks Russian and English but comes from a country that doesn’t exoist anymore.

She was travelling in the States with a passport from the previous regime when the revolution back home toppled the last government she had voted for.

She was stateless.

The States doesn’t like that, it’s against thier philosophy as well as their name.

The new government back home looked at things differently than the old.

Russian peakers were a minority and not a priority, and some saw them as the enemy and wouldn't give her a passport.

The Russians wouldn't give her one either.

She couldn’t go home.

She couldn’t stay where she was.

But she had a job, working in a coffee shop.

And she made cakes.

Her cakes were legend amongst the folk who lived ner the coffee shop.

Jim went to the coffe shop because he heard about the cakes.

Later he heard about state of the statelessness.

He offered to marry her.

They did.

He’s Dutch.

He speaks French and English as well as Dutch, but not Russian.

I’m not sure when exactly they fell in love, but he lives in France too so that worked out.

Her sister lives in Spain.

I guess she speaks Spanish.

She got marrired to a guy from Puerta Rico, so i guess the language wasn’t a problem.

I don’t think he spoke Russian.

They had a kid.

The dad left.

« Five minutes later », says Jim.

The kid has grown up on an Island in Spain – he’s dark like his dad.

He has a Dutch passport, i don’t know how.

He speaks Dutch, Spanish and English as well as Russian.

He’s 11.

I met him in France.

I didn’t know what to say, well, i knew what to say, just not in what to say it.

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