Thursday, 5 June 2014

Bob's Boxes 5 - a special feature of the year.

When she walks through the door she will seem taller than she is.
Because of her heels.
Because of his sitting.
Her heels will be red, his chair will be black.
She will be wearing a skirt so the first thing that he will notice will be her knees; they will be at the same level as his eyes.
Because of her heels.
Because of his sitting.
He will stand, they will shake hands, she will smile and he will smile back.

Then they will both sit, her knees filed away below the desk.


Anonymous said...

ha you are back
have I missed much before
june fore four for

popps said...

All of those!

popps said...

All of those AND May and April - but it's all accessible through the 'past posts' drop down menu over there on the left.