Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The second waking (during the night of April Fools day) of the year.

I need to write about this van.

This van and Tim.

This van and Tim and the Football World Cup.

The World Cup is taking place in Brazil but the street where the van is parked looks like North London.

It’s a comfortable van, modern, it has a good radio reception and the window overlooks a corner of the stadium in which England are playing Brazil.

We are watching a corner of the game and listening to the radio commentary of all of it from the comfort of the van and through a rapidly steaming up window that needs to be periodically wiped.

But we are happy.

The next night we are joined by four friends, who have no interest in football, they just want to share our fun.

But for some reason Tim has moved the van and we have no view of the stadium.

So we start driving to turn back and relocate.

Which is when my wife starts driving, and it starts snowing and she is driving to fast and we end up going along the pavement.

We finally stop in the suburbs where they still have double yellow lines, and parking fines – especially if you are parked on the pavement.

It’s cosy in the van, so we sleep, but early in the morning I have to wake and move it again.

Hopefully back to the stadium.

So I wake.

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