Thursday, 27 March 2014

The 26th and 27th archival elements of the year.

Archival remnant no 27. catalogue no CD 462

Archival remnant no 26. catalogue no MX 756

Start of the day, start of the year.
Christmas is over isn’t it?
New year not new any more.
Bloody cold though.
The car was frozen this morning, I couldn’t open the door and the Cd cover wouldn’t scrape the ice off without breaking.
Did anyone get me an ice scraper for Christmas?
I squinted through the ice as I drove up the track, everything looks beautiful like this.
By the time I got to the top of the hill the other side of the village, I could see; luckily there had been no other fool on the road.
The sky was fantastic!
Red sky in the morning, shepherds warning.
Who cares!
I stopped to take a photo.
The cows in the meadow put up with me for a while then wandered off.
It was only once I finished that I saw that one of them was pissing, steam rising up to join the mist that lay on the scene – now THAT would have made a photo!
Then I drove down into that mist.
Or was it fog?
I put my fog lights on anyhow.
Onto the motorway.
Could I make the cruise control cruise?
Sometimes it likes to work, sometimes not.
Bit like me.

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