Thursday, 20 March 2014

An appendix to two of the previously published archival elements of the year.

editor's note - if you are confused as to what is going on here - this link - may prove instructive, this one too.

Archival Remnant no 20.  catalogue no Amx749/750

(Nothing costs more and yields less benefit than revenge)

(The Golden Bough (Frazer))

It was the kind of smile he might have found way in the back of a normally unopened drawer.

A certain something, he felt, had managed to work its way in through a tiny opening and was trying to fill a blank space inside him. The void was not one that she had made. It had always been there inside him. She had merely managed to shine a special light on it.

She preferred coffee as hot and strong as a devil at midnight.

When you introduce things that most readers have never seen before into a piece of fiction, you have to describe them with as much precision and in as much detail as possible. What you can eliminate from fiction is the description of things that most readers have seen.

She kept silent, as if she had just set something on a nearby shelf and was looking at it.

Those eyes seemed to peer through the lens and focus directly on something the viewer kept hidden deep in his heart, of which he was normally unaware.

Her touch remained in his hand for several days. Even after more time went by and the direct sensation began to fade, his heart retained the deep impression she had made there.

 She seemed to have taken part of him with here – part of his heart or body. And in its place, she had left part of her heart or body inside him.

His voice was hard and dry, reminding her of a desert plant that could survive a whole year on one day’s worth of rain.

A long silence descended. Long enough to walk to the end of a long narrow room, look something up in a dictionary, and walk back.

‘Hello,’ he said, his voice still slurry from sleep. It was like his head was filled with frozen lettuce.

His face looked peaceful. It was like a windless day at the end of autumn, when a single leaf falls from a tree.

The world around her exploded then contracted, as if it were her own heart.

It was the faintest of smiles, yet he felt the tides start to shift all over the world.

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