Tuesday, 18 March 2014

An 18th archival element of the year.

back streets of hastings

Archival remnant no 18. Catalogue no MX752a

A lot of travelling; many, many miles have been covered.
Sleep came easily once they had found a hotel for the night.
They are far from home, but strongly in love.
Or if not love then what they think is love.
They leave the hotel in the morning and search the streets for breakfast.
Smells of cactus and chilli mix with that of freshly baking tortillas.
They pass a bar with a curtain hanging over the door.
The interior is very dark; it’s a place that neither of them want to enter.
They turn another corner and …
Sounds are coming from a restaurant.
Something they have never heard before, they have been travelling a long time as well as a long way.
But they recognise it as home.
And in a flash they are there amongst their friends and all that is familiar.
One of them is washing up in his kitchen.
She is far away in another life.
His listening to the radio.
And now this” says the D.J.
And in a flash he is back in Mexico, amidst the dust and spices of another time.

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