Thursday, 13 March 2014

A thirteenth archival element of the year.

Archival remnant no 13. catalogue no MX 750

The moon was hanging around all day yesterday.
Not a sign!
Neither hide nor hair of the thing to be seen.
The moon can be like that – capricious some would say.
Others might use the word flighty.
But I prefer that for use with Witches.
So how about fickle?
By the way I finally finished that book, the big one I told you about before.
It’s about the moon.
Someone I was trying to share the moon with once ignored it and said “I think looking at the moon is only worth it if you have someone to share it with”.
So I’m thinking of sending them the book.
I have to do something with it, it’s too big for any of my shelves and I don’t want to have another burning.
That sounds like I’m only sending them the book because I have space issues.
Well… in a way…(space, moon).


Anonymous said...

cat is shadow
mouse is present.
Where on the chair? - right there!
I've just visited an ancient archive of mine own and realise it makes me forlorn - must get on with the day quick xx
Just saying hello and I was here and am up to date xx
Happy Birthday to my mum

popps said...

Yeah! happy birthday to your mum!