Saturday 15 February 2014

Press release of the year.

we tried, but failed, to photograph Mary P.

Boy are we excited here at Bitsnbobs!!



Because we have finally, after months of tortuous negotiations, agreed accords with the Institute of Disorganised Elements – the IDE.

Following the loss of Ms Penny in unprecedented flooding last year – reported here – Bitsnbobs has had no archive service and a whole bundle of wet and sodden papers drying on washing lines in the state of Texas.

Don’t ask why.

But now we have teemed up with IDE, initially on a two-year contract but with promises of renewal (from both sides) if things work out to our mutual satisfaction.

The semi mythical Institute of Disorganised Elements is under the astute tutorage of the redoubtable Mary P, of whom no photo is known to exist; something that made it far from certain that was with her we were negotiating.

The contract was signed last week in the woods of Westphalia when she showed us her legendary secret tattoo, the whereabouts and content of which we are not at liberty to report.

We handed over a very large box of archival material and she in turn handed over one half of the map identifying the location of the Institute’s inaccessible archive building.

She has promised to send us the other half of the map once she has safely returned, and no doubt relocated.

We are happy to trust her to her word.

You would too if you had seen her tattoo.

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