Wednesday 12 February 2014

An editorial ooops of the year.

one from the same series


The other day i posted a picture that i had picture posted before.

No-one said anything but....

There's this guy, Edward B we call him around here….

Edward B is the Bitsnbo's erratum retrieval agent – his job is to seek out distant planets…….. er, no, that’s Spock – his job is to find stuff like this and report it to the editor.

Then the editor gets onto me and depending on how MUCH he gets onto me, a post like this one might appear.

So the other day’s previously posted picture (a PPP) has been deleted and replaced (a D’nR) – so if you follow the link above you won’t see the PPP but the D’nR – with a PHPP (posthumous posted picture).

(The PHPP should not be confused with those taken after a meal in a Greek restaurant.)

And here’s one from the same series

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