Wednesday 4 December 2013

Bitsnbobs Musical Advent Calendar Thingy ® 4 of many to come.

What’s the point of having a Bitsnbobs Muscial Advent Calendar Thingy® if you cant throw in a surprise now and again eh?

What’s the point of having this thingy thingy© if you can’t ignore the Christmassy bit and just drop a good tune in now and again?


So being as it is day 4 of this thingy, thingy thingy™, AND being as so far we’ve been more Wintery than Christmassy, AND because I REALLY don’t feel the least bit Christmassy (even though it is downright Wintery and I have my woolly jacket on), AND mostly because we’ve had ditties from 1973, 1963 and 1965-ish respectively up to now…….. I thought I should establish credentials and have something a little more up to date.

Especially as we will probably slide back to 1927 as soon as those credentials are established.

So here’s something non-chrismasy; non wintery, non oldy and hopefully a surprise.

Like I said before – the exception that proves the rules.

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