Thursday 28 November 2013

The Flotsam and The Jetsam - Two Charlies and a Chicken.

Charlotte lives in Lille (for now) and spells her name with an 0.

CharlEtte lives in London (for now) and spells HER name with an E.

Both of them have been in this blog before, sometimes with an 0 where there should be an E but I am slowly re-editing and sorting that out.


Last night, however, they were both in my dreams.

I wish I had written this, this morning as I had originally intended, as the details of the dream are now no longer fresh.

I remember only that it involved chickens that someone in Bulgaria was cutting up.


So I can no longer say for sure why the two Charlie’s figured so strongly.

Instead I should tell you about the river - because tonight the air was so cold and the sky so clear that you could see the distant mountains behind the city and for once it was certain that the river was flowing directly from the snow waters of these peaks.

Which just made everything – the crescent moon, the concrete bridge, the bare trees and the piles of fallen leaves just that much colder than they already were.

Me included.

So cold in fact, I would be happy to be back in bed amongst the Bulgarian chickens.


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