Saturday 21 September 2013

September's Siftings - There was this girl.

It’s Monday morning, just past the half after ten, a light breeze and sun shifting through the summer leaves.

He’s reading.

Inside the house his daughter sleeps, she won’t rise before noon.

No one else is home or expected, the cats sleep in the shade.

The book he is reading is an old one, one that he read once before, thirty years ago.

He is amazed how good it still is and how little he remembers.

Yesterday evening the book, which he had turned to as an old friend, surprised him.

It must have surprised him thirty years ago.

There are 13 pages left, no one can disturb him and he will finish it before the sun reaches the zenith.

Then he will ride or run through the forest, maybe swim.

But this is what he will carry with him all through the day.

And it will nourish his night when he dreams.

“Well I remember this girl. I am not whole without her…..”

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