Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Thought of The day - uniquey

You’re struggling aren’t you?

I always have, it doesn’t go away.

But it shows.

Around the eyes?

IN the eyes.

Two struggles.

Two! Ha!

Yeah, you just can’t make up your mind whether to go with the cyclical post or the word-that-doesn’t-exist post.

What are you talking about?


You are?

WE are.

We are?

Yes – I’ve noticed that you’re struggling with the ‘look’ and ‘feel’ format of this year’s only-ever-on-a-Sunday-unless-you-know-where-to-look posts.

Oh that, I thought you were referring to… never mind .. yes, er, … I can’t decide. I was going for the first line/last line parallelism, then I realise that the last two posts had invented words in them, and that that was quite uniquey and that that might be an interesting way to mould these posts into something interesting for a year. Or what is left of it.

Left of it? It’s only April.

I know, fourth months already, only eight left, what happened.


It’s a struggle sometimes.

You’re struggling aren’t you?

I always have, it doesn’t go away.


Anonymous said...

I hadn't checked in on the blog in a while so I thought I'd pop by to read the most recent post.

Ended up reading 10 of them.

So thanks for taking up my morning - I'm supposed to be working! Jeez...

Also are you aware of Hugues Aufray's french Bob Dylan covers? They're hit and miss but this one has a nice touch to it:

Hope you're well. x

popps said...

hmm, i'm not sure that the last ten make much sense but thanks for trying!
And as to your question i wasn't but will be now as i will follow your link.. or should i go to yoga?
I hope i'm well too!

popps said...

actually i'm not sure the previous two hundred and ten made much sense either!