Saturday, 1 December 2012

A Christmasy Musical Advent Calendar Thingy 1.

Bitsnbobs – the blog with spots – has never, NEVER, shied away from a challenge.

You can check that out here, and here and even, if you are patient, here!

So when Mary laid down her challenge at the end of last year (In the comments here) – we at the editorial office obviously thought – No way!

The Bitsnbobs Christmas Musical advent calendar 2011 was a far from easy task – morphing as it did from a “let’s put everyone’s favourite jolly Christmas ditties together” series to a “definitive and eclectic vision of the Christmas song” masterpiece of improvisation.

If i say so myself.

And i do.

Why would we want to attempt such an endeavour again; at the same time maintaining it’s independent and surprising content whilst all the time improving on the first version?

How could we possibly find fresh and unexpected material for 30 or so posts? (24? still haven' decided)

Why would we stoop to pander to an Italian Canadian’s every whim and whistle?

Because Bitsnbobs is Bitsnbobs that’s why!

A Challenge is a Challenge!

And Mary is, sigh, Mary.

We accept!!

So, as from today, Bitsnbobs intends to (will!) offer a musical "Christmas Advent Calendar Thingy Part Two" – each day a christmasy (features the words winter/snow/santa/christmas etc) musical treat to click on and open, maybe dance to, sing along to but above all to say “that was even more eclectic than last year” to.

Kicking off, to get us in the mood, a transitional ditty.

Oh, as an aside, this Christmas Advent Calendar Thingy will feature in the Quiz of the Year. so keep notes!

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