Wednesday 3 October 2012

New Morning.

♬Can't you hear that rooster crowin'?♬ 

 It was a beautiful morn, this morn, first light.

 ♬Rabbit runnin' down across the road Underneath the bridge Where the water flowed through♬

 I didn’t see that but the valley was awash with dew rise mist.

 The sky of first light was promise blue.

 Just a single star in the east And a near full moon in the west

 ♬So happy just to see you smile Underneath the sky of blue♬ 

 Well, I saw the sky.

 ♬Can't you hear that motor turnin'?♬ 

 Mine was, before 7am French time

 ♬Automobile comin' into style Comin' down the road For a country mile or two♬ 

90 km actually

 ♬The night passed away so quickly♬

 It sure did, but what a morning!

A perfect day!

Best of the year my mum would say, tomorrow.

 If she could.

 ♬Can't you feel that sun a-shinin'? Ground hog runnin' by the country stream This must be the day That all of my dreams come true♬ 

 Well, maybe not all of them..

 But it is a fantastic day.

Worth rejoicing

Even if something is missing.

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