Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Rambling along 10 - unfinished...

I got home tonight, entered the house and there on the floor was a bowl of cat food, a bowl of water and a snorkel.

Makes you wonder.

Makes me think too of my dream last night about Dilly.

Dilly is one of my cats and I haven’t seen her since August 1st, not because I haven’t been here but because SHE hasn’t.

I don’t know where she is, but then I don’t know where anyone is – my wife was last seen at the airport, my daughter is absent and my son is…. well, a mystery.

But Dilly?

I last saw her heading towards the forest, she was angry........ but often is.

Since then neither claw or hair.

But I dreamnt of her last night, she came back.

Her ears had become bat ears - and very large bat ears at that. As she sat there shouting at me (she was still angry) her ears enlarged, opened like flaps and spun like helicopter blades.

By the way, I went to see the new Batman film last night – The Dark Knight Rises, the third in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy.


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