Saturday 1 September 2012

Rambling along (1)

If you either follow Bitsnbobs regularly (god help you) or if you have dropped in for the first time, then you may (or may not) have noticed that ever since the beginning of July there has been talk (direct or implied) of The Archives.

It seems as if the editorial staff (me) have locked themselves away there and although they (I) have recently broken through subterranean walls into the hitherto forgotten or lost passageway (of lists) that (possibly) leads to the fabled East Wing, they (I) show no signs of wishing to leave.

The past is a nice place.

Good news!

This morning, as slightly off-grey light struggled through the dawn to cover the day in lethargic cloud we discovered, hidden behind a List - of False Dawns the amazingly ornate doors that rumour had always said mark the entrance to The East Wing.

Mrs Penny produced from her voluminous pockets an equally ornate key, of which none among us knew the existence, and with little ceremony pushed open the huge doors.

She needed a little help.

What we saw surprised us.

Archives abundant yes, but every paper, every file was floating and swirling in the air as if suspended by the forces of an unseen wind.

It was like entering a snowstorm.

Mrs Penny - in ornate tones to suit the occasion announced – “I hereto name the East Wing the Turbulent Chambers” – and, as is normal practice, she placed the Turbulent Chambers under quarantine.

What this means is that she, and she alone will be privy to the tumbling secrets for one month and The Archives are officially closed during that time.

And we are sent home.

Of course, as is usual in our profession, we had already grabbed a handful of the flying papers whilst she was distracted and stuffed them into our own slightly-voluminous pockets for leisurely perusal later.

But we remain sent home.

But it’s a long way; many an unchartered road lies between the archives and the secret headquarters of Bitsnbobs  - which we think looks like this, but which in fact now more closely resembles this; it has moved since we archived ourselves in The Archives all those days ago.

So it’s time to go a Rambling.

1. Ramble, as in - walk home.

2. Ramble, as in - post whatever disorganised thoughts we find in the randomly grabbed Flying Papers of The Turbulent Chambers of The East Wing.

Which are, of course, rambles from a mind that rambled along in the background whilst the foreground was archiving.

Archives part three.

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