Sunday, 26 August 2012

A(n) (un)List - Thought of The Day.

The Good Ship Bitsnbobs (this blog) has been listing dangerously to starboard recently. So, in the spirit of “if you can’t beat them join them up into a list," this month – August - i am listing. This is, sort of, explained here.

Ah, there you are, I’ve been looking all over for you.

You have?

Yes! We have had SOOOOOO many complaints about last Sunday’s Thought of The Day/list thing.

We have?

What are you doing? Conjugating? Listen – people are unhappy!

They are?

Stop it! Listen! It will all come down on our heads if we don’t do something.

It will? Will we?

Will we what?

Do something – I was trying to move on from the conjugating. So what’s all the fuss about?

What’s the problem?

I don’t know where to start there have been SOOOOOO many complaints.

Like what?

Shall I list them?

You shall!

1. Tahmina Kohistani.

Ah, yes. Good point. A bad oversight on my part.

Oversight! Blimey! We MIGHT have got away with it if you had called your list ‘SOME’ of the Best Bits instead of ‘THE’ Best Bits.


Sorry! Are you going to address it?

Yes – read this, I’m going to add it to our sports page.

Sports page?


I didn’t know we had a sports page.

Of course we have a sports page! It’s here. Even The Guardian Weekly has a sports page you know.


So we have one.

What  - because THEY have one?

No silly, they have one because WE have one – we are after all the cutting edge.

That’s not what the complaints said.

What DID they say?

Well, there were SOOOOO many! Should I list them?

You should!

1. Tahmina Kohistani.

That’s it?

Er – yes.


Er- yes.

Mary said you can’t have a list with only one thing in it.

You can’t?


Why not?

She said it’s an ‘unlist’.

Even if the one thing you list, you list twice?

I don’t know.

Even if the list of one is an appendix to a list of 4 previously listed thus being both a 1 and a 5?

We don’t know.

Let’s wait for Mary to tell us.

Ok…….  I don't know, we don't know, She’ll know.

editors note - as we went to press news came in of Neil Armstrong's passing. Bitsnbobs would like to say goodbye to the Commander.


Mary said...

I read through the post and then read back to the list you were referring to and found it all a bit confusing. So I think that this being your August 'list' themed month, you can make and then break your own rules as you see fit.


PS -- Speaking of small steps and giant leaps, dreams played a big part in Armstrong's life. I heard that as a young boy in the 1930's, Neil Armstrong had a recurring dream in which he held his breath and floated high in the sky. Inspired by some sci-fi stories of Jules Verne or HG Wells perhaps? He said in an interview that he regreted that after returning to Earth from the Moon he never managed to have a dream about that experience.

We miss him already. Beautiful Dreamer :-(

popps said...

I think the idea here was - a) i had been a bit flippant about what were good moments in the 2012 Olympic games (you had to click on the four links and see what they were).
b) i tried to remedy this by adding a fifth memory of the Olympics in a new list of one.
c) i then tried to link that to your comment about lists with only one item.
d) i tried to get a bracket in the title.

maybe i need to get out more?