Tuesday 14 August 2012

A list - of words with ‘list’ in them that I thought of as I was swimming upstream on Sunday evening but not including fundamentalist or multi-nationalist that came to mind on the way back, downstream – or controversialist and blistering which I noticed this morning as I read an obituary of Gore Vidal the novelist; nor novelist either. And nor, nor for that matter - finalist - which, although it has a nice post recent Olympics feel to it i only thought of when i surfaced from a siesta on Monday afternoon.

The Good Ship Bitsnbobs (this blog) has been listing dangerously to starboard recently. So, in the spirit of “if you can’t beat them join them up into a list," this month – August - i am listing. This is, sort of, explained here.

1. Enlist. (Never had to and I’m quite happy about that).

2. Ballistic.

3. Listeria.

4. Fatalist.

5. Surrealist. (I must go to Cadaques again. The only time she ever visited my house was on the way there; she never came back.)

6. Realist.


8. Idealist.

9. Situationalist. (Weren’t they a bunch of someone’s who did something? I must look them up.) (Ok, got that wrong but there was a lot of splashing going on). 

10. Pluralist. (I might be if it means I like lots of different chocolate).

11. Federalist. (Probably a good idea).

12. Anti-capitalist. (ditto).

13. Antidisestablishmentarianism. (ok no list there but there should be!)

14. Sonny Liston. (Not sure why he popped into my head).

15. Scrabble. (Ok, no list in there but as I turned by the wavy rooted tree after 30 minutes breaststroke I realised that if I had played Scrabble a lot more then I would probably be much better at this than I am.

16. Minimalist. (I should probably stop there.)


Mary said...

Feeling listless;-)


Mary said...

One more thing:

David Tennant's unusual way of honouring Andy Murray who won Gold at the Games. He recites the lyrics of Spandau Ballet's 'Gold':


A bit weird but I sort of like it.


popps said...

oooooh, very good!