Saturday 28 April 2012

Bottled Christ Blood.

 Jesus Christ rode into Jerusalem, got crucified and was buried.

Bit of a bummer eh?

On the third day he rose from the dead, had a few beers with his mates and ascended into heaven!

I’m not religious, but I AM impressed.

I had a bad day once and I fell apart.

I lay on the floor staring at the ceiling for several hours, wrestled with myself until the pain was too much, drank a bottle of red wine and crawled into bed when I was finally no longer able to stand straight.

Oh, and I ate a whole packet of extra rich Lindt chocolate balls.

The ones that make you feel REALLY sick.

On the second day I did nothing.

Nothing nothing. 

I stayed in the house and spoke only to a woman trying to sell life insurance over the phone.

I told her it was too late.

On the third day I finally washed and left my pyjamas for the first time.

Then I did nothing nothing again until 7 in the evening.


Then I got my bike out, pumped the tyres and set off for hill and valley.

I came back when it got dark, said hello to the cats and came in and wrote this.

Maybe I’ve turned a page.

Maybe I’m resurrecting?

I guess I shouldn’t have opened this bottle of wine then?

Still, it could be the blood of Christ.


Mary said...

Bottled Blood of Christ???!!!!

And you don't think you're religious!!!??


Sorry you're feeling so low these days. It's been a very tough few weeks/months. We will persevere and hopefully, prevail.xox

popps said...


Mary said...

Yes, years. More's the pity.