Tuesday 31 January 2012

The President's Percentage.

Ok this is going to be a typical Bitsnbob mess - mainly because it starts with a tin of cat food in France and ends with President Obama in America.

Or maybe the other way round?

Do I mean cat food in America and?… no I don’t.

You see - on the whole I try not to be influenced by advertising and marketing ploys, I figure that if someone needs to tell me that I need something then I don’t need it.

I’m a big boy; I know when I need something.


You know that film Star Wars?

I thought the light sabres were pretty cool.

I thought being a Jedi Knight was pretty cool too.

So in the supermarket, just the other day, when I found myself wandering along the cereal aisle I picked up my usual packet of muesli and then thought – hey, Emma is stopping over for the weekend I’d better get some cereal that teenagers will eat.


Big choice.

Then I saw it - Cocopoppy stuff.


A free Jedi Knight, Star Wars endorsed, Light Sabre t-spoon !!!! (plastic)

It looks totally awesome on the packet; I had to resist ripping it open there and then.

Apparently there are four different ones to collect, and you bet I will, my consumption of Cocopops is about to escalate inter galactical(l)y – there is a pink one, a green one, a… hang on … I need the packet…….

A green Yoda spoon, a red Darth Maul spoon, a yellow/orange Anakin Skywalker spoon and a blue R2-D2 one!

This is brilliant!

I hope it’s the, er, oh wow what a choice!

I’m going to open it; I can’t wait for someone to want to eat this crap…

Damm , it’s the red villain – I really wanted an orange/yellow R2-D2, which of course isn’t on offer.

And that’s why I hate advertising.

Where is the cat food in all this?

Well, if you turn right at the end of the cereal aisle, pass the yoghurts and the soap powder and head to the far corner you’ll come to the cat department.

It’s right next to the birdseed.

I picked up a jumbo bag of seed for wild winged visitors.

Incidentally, I’m having a problem with the birds at the moment – and it might be this brand of seed.

I have a suspended bird feeder thingy, which you can fill up with seed and I suspended it because I have four cats.

The birds come, the cats drool but they can’t reach them

Hey- can’t – I just wrote can’t and I want to get onto President Obama, is this the opportunity?

Do you remember his victory speech in Chicago?

Of course you can.

Well…, ok, I’d better finish the bit about the birds first.

Oh, forget it, it’s not essential – having a link, or segue into President Obama is much more important.

Because on the shelves of stuff for felines there was a boxed set of cat food – Felix – with a catchy slogan on the packaging.

Yes we cat!

I was tempted.

Then I saw that the box also contained a free plastic cat toy!

Ok, not a Light Sabre-Toothed Toy (sabre-tooth tiger – gettit?) but Jedi can’t be choosers.

So I got it.

I wonder if President Obama gets a commission?

A purrcentage?


Anne Hodgson said...

oh, and so off-topic: a few pics for yet another laff http://gawker.com/5880885/

Vicki said...

I've been on holiday to Mexico and I learnt a new word there that describes this post: purfecto

popps said...

Not fair, not fair!!

popps said...

I mean not fur!