Sunday 22 January 2012

A (confused) Thought of the Day

Have you seen this!?

Your hand?

No, stupid, the letter I’m holding, it’s from Mary.

Mary! Let me see!

read read read read


So what?

She said we morphed.

She didn’t, she said we switched, or, more precisely, that YOU switched.

Morphing, switching – what’s the difference?

What’s the difference!!!? What’s the difference!!!?

Yes, that’s what I said, you don’t have to repeat it.

Well, the difference is that YOU did it not me, but for a start I can’t find morph in the dictionary but surely switching means changing places and morphing, if it means anything, means changing.

So the difference is places?

Erm, maybe, can I think about this?


think think think think

Ok, it could be – where you are makes a lot of difference…..

Bollocks! It’s where you WANT to be that counts.

OOOOh! That’s a bit strong for a Sunday don’t you think?

Yes, sorry, mid-winter is getting to me, it’s a depressing time of the year.

Can I do anything?

Make it spring? Invent teleportation? Be me?

Ah! Are you suggesting a switch or a morph?

She was right wasn’t she?


Mary, have you forgotten already?

How could I forget Mary? Are you crazy!?

Well if I am you certainly are.

It doesn’t follow unless you believer in reincamorphing.


Yeah, I made it up, just to confuse things.

Anyway, like I said , she was right – I can even pinpoint the exact moment it happened.

You can?

I can – it’s when YOU said, “I told you before”. Fourteen lines into last week’s dialogue (that constitute the Sunday Special Thoughts of the Day that appear here each week).

Who are you bracketing to?

Anyone reading this for the first time.

Anyone reading this for the first time will be completely confused sunshine, brackets aren’t going to help.

Stop changing the subject – YOU are completely to blame for this latest morphing switch – you linked yourself to something that I had said, not you.

So what you are saying here is that you should be you and I shouldn’t.

Because you aren’t.

I’m not an aunt. I’m an uncle.

Is that it!? 337 words to set up that one stupid joke?

Yep, dedication, see you next week?


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