Monday, 21 November 2011

Unprofessional AGAIN!

When I’m working I try to maintain a professional demeanour.

I think it’s only right.

The other day I was working with Valerie, helping her in English during a one to one session.

At one point she stopped what she was doing, looked across the table and said – “Please Chris, what means dick?”

And I’m afraid I giggled.

I couldn’t help it!

It was the way she said it!!

So seriously!

Valerie is a highly successful businesswoman, part of her job is entertaining (and being entertained by) international sales managers, so we had been role-playing a trip to the restaurant.

The role-play required her to ask me (the waiter) to explain something on the menu.

Because I had thought it would be more authentic and interesting I had drawn up a menu that included baked parsnips, toad in the hole and spotty dick.

She works in the cosmetic industry - I thought – it will be useful to see a different use for “spotty”.

“Dick” – she said it again, and reached for her dictionary.

“It doesn’t have any dick” – she said.

And I’m afraid I laughed.


Vicki said...

I laughed too. :-)

popps said...

He he he he .

Vicki said...

Sometimes the old jokes are the best. I like to keep some "spotted dick" in the cupboard because I've found 'merican guests will rarely turn the offer to try it.

popps said...

Then i think you will appreciate this Vicki

Vicki said...

Oh I do, I do! You have just inspired another post. Thanks Chris!

popps said...

You're welcome, glad to inspire.