Tuesday 29 November 2011

Throw Roses in the Rain.

Yesterday the sky fell-in, fog clouded the world and it seemed as if the whole world was crying.

Round here at least.

This morning I didn’t want to wake up so I opened only one eye.

The sun was shining.

I was amazed.

I stepped outside, a warm wind from the south lifted hope from the earth and the sky rejoiced.

I decided to walk across the meadow, wet with dew.

Wouldn’t it be awful, I thought, if something you dreamt about could only exist in one time and place; if the universe could conspire to order our heart’s desires to a timetable?

Wet dew will do that to me.

Once it has penetrated my pyjama legs.

Then I remembered that tramps talk of dew baths and I hesitated.

I was alone.

No one would see.

It wouldn’t take long to loose these pyjamas.

And the dew is sparkling in this southern sun.

Then I knew.

Spontaneity laughs at order.

Even the universe’s.

Show a little faith.

There's magic in the night.

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