Monday, 3 October 2011

Mr Evil visits.

I’m at work, waiting for Emily to arrive for a one-to-one English course.

It’s a bit embarrassing really, as Emily speaks English better than I do and is pretty to boot - so her competitive edge in International negotiations is already pretty sharp.

About all I could teach her is what it means when someone says – she’s pretty to boot.

But I wont, it would be embarrassing.

And being embarrassed in an embarrassing situation is mega-embarrassing.

So, whilst I’m waiting I decided to flick through the stored documents on my laptop computer.

I would prefer to have connected to a game playing site or a national newspaper but the internet access code provided by the pretty to boot secretary is denying my sternest efforts to log in.

So I’m cleaning up my archived documents – throwing out what needn’t be in.

Most of these documents were intended for posts on the blog that you are reading – the trouble is that I can’t remember if they were ever published or not.

Some might be the beginnings of musings that never saw the light of page.

Some of them seem ok.

So I got to thinking….. if I can’t remember if I posted them before, will you?

Could I post them again and get away with it?

Once Evil sets in like this it is hard to break away and I started thinking about next year.

Could i?

You see, this year I set myself the target/challenge/stupid idea to post every single of the every single days of the year, and the effort is beginning to tell.

And now that October has orchestrated, January is just around the winter corner – so what am I going to do NEXT year?

Evil says maybe I could reprint all of 2008’s posts and no one will notice.

Except me.

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