Friday 28 October 2011

The Dark Mist - lifting?

Last night I was too depressed, tonight I’m going to get drunk!

What the hell eh?

Who cares anyway?

There is a risk of course, it could go either way, I might get happy, I might get sad.

What the hell eh?

Who cares?


But - I had better write this before I pass out.

Dreams last night were shit!

I woke in a black hole in the interior of a black hole at the bottom of a septic mine shaft.

You know the sort of place.


I couldn’t shake the gloom. It began to build behind my eyes, my forehead started to furrow, I looked like the Hulk about to explode.

I went to town with dark clouds scowling over me.

What the hell eh?

Who cares?


Anonymous said...

there is a saying that if you say something and the person is turning the other way they can hear it better - now hear this....
I bothered to write here
This blog soothed my heart in the storms and made me happier
I look at this blog when I am sad and happy
I love it
The fact that I love you is niether here nor there
This blog has been there to remind me that winter always turns to spring

Janet Bianchini said...

You write from the depths of your heart where not many people are brave enough to explore.

As one of your followers, I can say that I for one, DO care! I hope this temporary seasonal gloom will lift as soon as you are ready and choose for it to lift.

popps said...

How can "that" be neither here or there?
It's enormous.

popps said...

Hi janet, thankyou too, and as you rightly say i have to choose to lift it.
Fingers crossed.
here goes!

Anne Hodgson said...

I understand. But without the black holes you wouldn't ever really see those butterflies in sunlight.

Vicki said...

It's a little late now, but cheers! And know you are well loved.

popps said...

Thank you Vicki.