Friday, 16 September 2011

A bit MORE OF(f)

Yeah, yeah, I know- it looks like I was a bit flippant yesterday.

What with the fish and all.

But in fact, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Fish eye.

That’s a coincidence – I got a text from my son yesterday asking me to pick up a fish eye lens for his movie camera.

I didn’t, there wasn’t one, so around midnight he asked me if I had a magnifying glass – he wanted to strap it to the end of the camera and see what he could improvise.

He must think I’m made of lenses.

Anyhow – this is Reece.

Nice guy.

A very nice guy.

He’s a sculptor – here’s his sight, I mean site (sorry I am still thinking about lenses).

I met him on a campsite on The Isles of Scilly this August.

He was camping in the other corner of the field, but it was clear that something was going on over there.

Now I’m not one to walk up to strangers and say – hey what’s going on, but one morning as I wandered into the ferns looking for blackberries the throne he had been making out of drift wood, flotsam and jetsam keeled over, and as he struggled to raise the monster from the deep I toddled over to lend a hand and took the opportunity – nay the liberty – to ask – “so, what’s the story here?”

“There’s no story really..”

Well, excuse me - I beg to differ. Can a sculpture be a work of art without a story? Isn’t story what it – everything – is all about? Aren’t we all just stories?

I didn’t say any of this of course - I just said “Nice Fish”.

I like fish.

Ok, I eat them sometimes, which isn’t considered a sign of affection in the marine kingdom, but given a choice between a fish and a Ferrari – two random things that begin with F – I would choose the fish every time.

So you see – yesterday’s post was far from flippant (two more Fs).

It looked like a filler - (f) - playing for time, but in fact was a calculated attempt to pull a lot of fibres (f) together.

This month – the on/off month – is trying to show some of what was going on off-stage during August (inspired by a distant voice) and each post title tries to incorporate the word Off in a creative and original way.

Yesterday’s was meant to read – A Bit Off – and expression that I often use when I’m miffed about what someone says or does, but ALSO could – and should – be read as A Bit OF(f), because it showed just A BIT OF Reece’s magnificent St Agnes campsite sculpture – lovingly chipped, assembled, fabricated (f) over a fortnight (f).

And today we get to see all OF(f) it !

We left the campsite on the same day, floating back to Penzance and end of holidays.

Reece left his Throne for the campsite, or maybe the school - certainly for the weather to weather.

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