Monday 29 August 2011

Thought of the Day 30 (special edition part 30)

(continued from the last few days or so)

Hang on a sec, yesterday, wasn’t that a sign for Walls ice cream in yesterday’s photo?

It was.

Then we are in England.

Very astute of you, but remember it’s WERE, we came back.

To France – where we started!

Correct – first went up the lanes roads and by-ways to La Rochelle and then a lot more driving in the same direction, remembering that we set off from Toulouse.


More or less.

Until we fell into the sea!

Except we got on a boat for 6 hours.

That would take us to Ireland!

Possibly, but remember there was a clue in the words – something about pasties.

Oh yes – pasties, Ireland isn’t famous for pasties is it?

It isn’t.

But Cornwall is! Then we got another boat?

We did, and there was a picture of that the day before.

Yes I read the name – Lolian?

Ah, there was a bit missing – the full name was Scillonian.

Then we got on another boat, thirty minutes to the Walls Ice Cream place.

Yes, but don’t buy any, hang on, carry on along this path/road/way thing and past the post office – there’s better to come.

(continued tomorrow)

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