Wednesday 31 August 2011

Thought of the Day 30 (special edition part 32)

Well that’s it isn’t it?


We’re there.

We are.


St Agnes, The isles of Scilly. AND the end of a one month special edition of Thought of The day (a Bitsnbobs usually only-on-Sunday event where you talk to me, or vice versa about whatever pops into one of our heads and sometimes a film) with accompanying photos that suggested that we were on a journey, which we were, and allowed us to cover up that we had gone on holiday and enabled us to continue posting every day.


And which some people have described as a Whimsical Godot-like conversation in existential limbo.

But which basically has been very long and tedious.


Talking of holidays…

Were we?

St Agnes?

Ah yes, summer holidays….

Can I have one?

I told you already, you had one – St Agnes.

I’ve only just got here!

In the blog pictures yes, but you’ve been and come back and swum.

Swum – it was glacial!

You had a wet suit.

Yeah – short-sleeved one though, my arms went blue.

Like the water!

Clear wasn’t it?

Crystal! Shall we post a picture?

Tell you what, you post a few pictures tomorrow and I’ll have a holiday.

Ok, you can have a few days off, but we expect you to be here on Sunday with a brand new Thought of The Day – and try and make it something to do with film.

Bye. (swims into sunset)

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Anonymous said...

dont go
but what a lovely image swimming into the sunset