Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Thought of the Day 30 (special edition part 32)

Well that’s it isn’t it?


We’re there.

We are.


St Agnes, The isles of Scilly. AND the end of a one month special edition of Thought of The day (a Bitsnbobs usually only-on-Sunday event where you talk to me, or vice versa about whatever pops into one of our heads and sometimes a film) with accompanying photos that suggested that we were on a journey, which we were, and allowed us to cover up that we had gone on holiday and enabled us to continue posting every day.


And which some people have described as a Whimsical Godot-like conversation in existential limbo.

But which basically has been very long and tedious.


Talking of holidays…

Were we?

St Agnes?

Ah yes, summer holidays….

Can I have one?

I told you already, you had one – St Agnes.

I’ve only just got here!

In the blog pictures yes, but you’ve been and come back and swum.

Swum – it was glacial!

You had a wet suit.

Yeah – short-sleeved one though, my arms went blue.

Like the water!

Clear wasn’t it?

Crystal! Shall we post a picture?

Tell you what, you post a few pictures tomorrow and I’ll have a holiday.

Ok, you can have a few days off, but we expect you to be here on Sunday with a brand new Thought of The Day – and try and make it something to do with film.

Bye. (swims into sunset)

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Anonymous said...

dont go
but what a lovely image swimming into the sunset