Monday, 22 August 2011

Thought of the Day 30 (special edition part 23)

You were saying?

That you seem to be unfocussed!

Oh… yes… something’s on my mind.





Ok, ok, even if you are unfocussed it’s important that we pull this Thought of The Day special edition back to sharp focus and finish in style.

It is?

It is!

That means our leitmotif should take us to a logical conclusion.

Where we started!


Because we are not the same!

We’ve travelled!

Let’s try our best?


(continued tomorrow)


Mary said...

As is common with me, I am confused by the mystery and intrigue in these August posts. It's a puzzle -- travelling, time-shifting, home but not HOME, and all of this talk of change and uprooting.

I am feeling a level of exhaustion just trying to follow along on the journey. WHEW!

I hope that all will be revealed this week.

Mx :-)

popps said...

i think you are thinking too much Mary - i went on holiday, long journey, i'm back now, another long journey and i'm not really because my soul is still there.
And all of that is a big upheaval.

Mary said...

That's me -- overthinking things.

Glad you are back - safe and sound -- even if your soul is still somewhere else.

Looking forward to hearing more about the this other place that has overtaken you.