Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Thought of the Day 30 (special edition part 3)

It’s brilliant!

It is!

And radical!!

It is!! .............. Er… what?

Your Thought of The Day idea to have a whole MONTH of it, not just every Sunday!

Ah..... I know! - It was my idea.

It was. But do you know WHY it’s so brilliant?

Because it was MY idea?

No........... because I want to go on holiday!!


Swim, read books, run, stuff like that.



No, I meant “and…. What’s the connection”, not “and…. What else?”

Oh – well I was thinking of going/ somewhere without computers.

The past?

Yes, exactly, but I’ve promised myself to post EVERY DAY this year and I was wondering how to reconcile these two conflicting goals.

And my idea ......... helps?

Yes – we can have this conversation now, and split it up into 31 separate bits, future schedule them, go off on holiday and Bob’s your Uncle.



No, it’s Cliff.


My uncle.

No Bob’s your uncle means there you go.

Oh.......... Er… won’t the readers notice?

Not if we’re clever.

(continued tomorrow)

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